Eki Love <3

Hey, I haven't posted in a few days because I've been swamped with assignments but I'm taking a moment to tell you about someone who's blog I've only discovered within the last few months but I think deserves alot of credit and praise for her hard work and dedication! It's Eki of course ^.^

Her posts are so fascinating and she always has such cute and useful items to talk about! She even makes her own kawaii items which are amazing and so adorable! I'm so eager to get my hands on some of her creations! They can be bought through her online store. Everything is handmade and designed by Eki with love.

I really admire her for both her originality and beauty. I think she is an exceptional person and works very hard to put all her best efforts into her creations, and the final products show it! She is very talented. I was super disappointed to have missed out on getting the Rilakkuma pencilcase! I loved it!! So kawaii! When I get some of her goodies (hopefully soon!) I will definitely write up a review on them =) I believe that people who put themselves out there and share happiness with others deserve alot of admiration and respect. Hence why I recommend Eki. Her blogs are always beautiful, colourful and happy!

Obviously I love handmade items and I really recommend checking out Eki's creations!! (click the pic!)

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