A lil bit about me..

Hey everyone!

Sorry I've been gone so long, I have been up the walls with assignments >.< And they haven't stopped yet! The next month will be very hectic so I'm afraid I may not get much blogging done during this time =(

I decided to write a lil bit about me this time as I feel my blog might be slightly impersonal at the moment and I'd like to get to know people and visa versa! So I'll start off with just a few simple lil facts bout me ^.^

I'm in college studying English and Irish. Majoring in English which I love love LOVE <3 The course is so fun! Irish depends on the day =P It's pretty much a dead language to be honest and people only use it here if you live in a Gaeltacht area.

As you already know I have a boyfriend who means so much to me <3 We've been together for a lil over 2.5 yrs now, although we've known each other for about 4 yrs!! Couldn't be happier! <3 He recently got a huge internship as part of his course ~so proud~ but it means he'll be living about 4 hours away for a WHOLE YEAR!! I know it doesn't sound like much of a big deal but I've had problems travelling for the last two yrs ~long story-I won't bore ye with that! =P ~ so it will be tough but I'm going to suck it up so I can visit him <3

My friends don't actually know about this blog aside from my boyfriend as I'm very shy about the things I make so hearing all of your opinions about my pieces really means ALOT to me =) You have all been so sweet and welcoming and your compliments make me feel like I'm doing something right! ^.^

Okay well that's enough about me!

Unfortunately, as I said before, my camera isn't working so I can't get photos up too easily atm therefore I don't have a new piece to show you today =( Instead I've decided to say a lil something small about 6 bloggers that inspire me! I've seen a few people do this before and I think it's a very cute idea! So here goes:

Her blogs are full of love and are so genuine. Eki's creations are beautiful and it is obvious the care and attention she puts into both the design and creation of each piece!

Rina's blogs are so cute! I LOVE her sock creations, especially her piggys! They are so original and adorable!


Her beauty posts are brilliant and she's so stylish and pretty! Such a friendly person


Her reviews and tutorials are so clear and helpful! She chooses such pretty make-up and also her photography is so beautiful! She's such a talented blogger and so friendly!

Yumi's posts are always so interesting and fun to read! She's so friendly and I can't wait to see what kind of creations she produces!

Does fantastic reviews and is such a friendly person =) Her photo's are sooo pretty just like her!

There's so much more I could say about all of them and so many other bloggers too but there just aren't enough words to express the love the dedication that all their blogs hold so I hope
you can go and check them all out for yourselves!!

I'm tagging the bloggers I wrote about above to do this also and spread the love <3 And anyone else who wants to do it too!

Well that's all I have to say for today! Thank you all for following me and commenting! Your responses and kind words really make my day and make me smile everytime I read them =)

Hope you all have an amazing week! <3


xbbkay said...

you are such a sweet person, and i feel very honoured and happy to be on your list.

i find a few things in common between us. I dont share my blog with that many friends either. it's funny i like to keep my life private from those people, yet exposing it to the world wide web! LOL

i hope your exams go well. I know how you are feeling, since we are both student here. haha. i am so envious of people whom love english & well at it, mainly bcos i'm not good at writting :/

take care,

Can't wait to see some more creations!

yumiko said...

hey rae, thanks for puting me on the list. Being a student is dificcult and blogging allows you to have some source of relief. I hope you do well in your upcomming week full of work. Don't work too hard.

<3 yumi

Irene said...

Rachel -- awww thanks for the tag - you are so sweet! :) It really made my day to see all the sweet things you said about me.

I absolutely LOVE your jewelry - especially that last bracelet with angel wings you posted. It is beyond cute & girly & elegant - I look forward to seeing more of your lovely work! ♥

e.motion in motion said...

Hi Rachel! Thank you so much for this tag and for the sweet words ^__^ It really means a lot to me! I'm so glad I met you on blogger! (:

"We've been together for a lil over 2.5 yrs now, although we've known each other for about 4 yrs!!" = Same here! :D I love that we can relate a little hehe. ^^

Sorry to hear about the hectic-ness, hope things slow down for you soon! (:

rae630 said...

Thanks for the tag! you are so sweet!!! <3 Rina

ShalidaAnn said...

Great post! It's always cool to learn about the actually blogger, I just might do a post like it!

Maeve Rachel said...

@ShalidaAnn You should!! I love learning things about the bloggers behind it all =) It makes it much easier to understand them and where they are coming from I think! I hope you do one! =)

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