Happy New Year & More to come!

I'm a lil late buuuut... HAPPY NEW YEAR!! =)

I know I've been silent on the blogfront but I'm hoping that's going to change! I've decided to do shorter blogs more often rather than long blogs because as much as I love them they can drain me! I've been so busy and so exhausted lately that I never have time or the energy to blog and I never want to do a half-assed post! That wouldn't be enjoyable for you or me! So I'm making sure I'm gona do it right! =D

So just as a quick update I wanted to let you guys know that I do have posts planned! Unfortunately I haven't had any spare time to make new pieces which makes me sad! So there wont be any of those posts for awhile but I do plan on showing you lots of other pretty things and I'm thinking about incorporating a sort of 'featured DIY' post every now and then! I'm excited! Aren't you?!

Here's wishing everyone the best for 2011. Especially in health and happiness!


Irene said...

Happy New Year to you too Rachel - glad to see you back!

Haru said...

Yeah I'm looking forward to new posts!! :D
Happy new year x

Haru x

Rachel said...

@Irene Thanks hun! I'm glad to be back! =) I've been keeping up with your blog all along I just haven't been commenting, apologies! =) x

@Haru I'm so glad to hear that! Thank you =D x

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