Blue Phone Charm

I've made a few phone charms before but it's rare that I do. I like making them though and of course they aren't limited to use on phones! With the lariat strap they can be attached to bags, purses, ipods, used as bookmarks..the list goes on!! It's just something nice and shiny to make a plain thing pretty =)

This phone charm was made just a few nights ago. I picked up the blue disco ball, which is the bottom bead and main focus of this piece, and just felt I had to use it in something! I've had it for ages from an old necklace I took apart (I do this alot! =P ). Most of the beads in this piece are from old jewellery I've taken apart actually. There are glass, acrylic and seed beads in this piece, even faux pearls. The charm is structured by a line of jump rings as phone charms need to be sturdy and durable. (Or at least mine do the amount of times I harshly rip it out of my pocket!)


I wanted to create a slight clustered feeling within the top of this piece to keep the focus on the blue disco ball.
 The simple variant shades of blue are reflected within one another and nicely tie the piece together I think. Simple yet playful.

I can't wait for my haul of findings and beads, etc. to come in the post! I've spent the day resting in bed as I'm just after recovering from a lil dose of exhaustion and dehydration and now have caught a cold on top of it and I've been non- stop doodling all day! I have SO many ideas and I think that even with the crazy amount of stuff I bought I wont be able to make them all. I really hope to start designing/making stuff that I might one day share with you guys. I'm also really keen on doing a giveaway as I said in my last post so I'm defo thinking of stuff for that too =)

Hoping you are all well!


yumiko said...

cute...keep on making, i can't wait to see more of your creations
<3 yumiko

Rachel said...

Thank you! =) That's so sweet! <3

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