Pink Indian Bracelet


Been awhile since my last post as I currently have alot of assignments due for college in the next few weeks but I'm slowly getting them done =)

Since my last post I've ordered some new beads, charms and findings and should have tons coming in the post soon! Very excited! =) Hopefully I can start making some more of my designs then. I'm a doodler and have lots of drawings of pieces I'd like to make someday but rarely have all the bits to make them with. I'd love to do a giveaway at some point also! I haven't decided at what follower mark I will do it but I'll be sure to let ye guys know when I decide!

Today I'm going to show you a piece that some of ye may have already seen but I have a few different pictures of it here. It's the Pink Indian Bracelet. This bracelet is very simple in it's design but the detail in the beads and the daisy dividers (same ones used in the Blue Memory Bracelet) give it it's exotic appeal.

Made using glass, metal and miracle beads on tigers tail with a simple spring clasp. I love miracle beads! They are called so because in certain lights/angles it looks like there is another bead within the bead! I took a pic with strong lighting and flash to show you all this;


You can also see the great amount of detail in the engravings on these beads. Some of the beads are Bali and others Indian, I was told that it looks more Indian-inspired though. I'd love to know what ye all think! Don't be shy =)


Anonymous said...

I love this post! Great pictures of an amazing piece of jewlery :) Keep them coming!

ciawei said...

Ya, love the miracle beads, and the bracelet has Indian style look. Great work girl!! @_~

I'm looking for your giveaways for followers in the future!!!

Rachel said...

@Anonymus Aw thank you =) Your too sweet!

@ciawei Thank you so much! Means alot to hear you like it =) So sweet of you! I'll be sure to get one up when I have some more followers =)

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