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I love everything kawaii! From characters of Sanrio and San-X to apparel and accesories of TokiDoki and even fellow blogger's creations like those of Ekilove and Rae630!

I know this happened ages ago but I think it is so KAWAII so I had to do a lil post on it. In honour of Rilakkuma's 5th Anniversary the Royal Park Hotels had Rilakkuma themed rooms! Complete with exclusive souvenirs. Staying true to his name, the Rilakkuma theme was relaxation.

Combining this the hotel focused on having their guests feel like royalty. This was reflected in the special, exclusive Royal Park goodies in the rooms such as Rilakkuma teddies adorned with crowns and sceptres! Every detail was considered and adapted to suit this theme from posters on the wall to bear-themed breakfasts!!

Oh I wish I had been able to go to this. I'm a big teddy lover..and by big I mean VERY much so XP And Rilakkuma of course is no exception! Just too cute. As are Korilakkuma and all the San-X characters too! The prices for a night in these luxury-kawaii rooms were a lil steep though ranging from $275 - $386 (in Nagoya and Tokyo Shiodome respectively). I don't a hotel theme can get cuter than that!! I hope to be able to stay in a place like this sometime =)

A friend of mine went to Japan awhile back and got me these amazing Hello Kitty cookies from Sanrio Puroland!
They were delicious! But of course are all gone now, I was lucky to get a photo of one before devouring them! XP So kawaii and so so yummy! (The shine in the pic is because of a clear wrapping that was on them). I'm getting hungry just thinking about these now XP And of course it came in super cute wrapping but I don't have any pics of that I'm afraid! I'll admit I felt a lil bad eating Hello Kitty's head but it was totally worth it ^.^

TokiDoki are an awesome company! I've spoken with the owner/creator/designer Simone Legno before and he's very nice, seems very down to earth. Obviously he has amazing talent too. Tokidoki do everything from apparel and jewellery to skatedecks and usb sticks! And everything is kawaii!!

They do many collaborations with people and I'm sure many bloggers will be familiar with their most recent one with Sephora. They designed the beautiful packaging and the actual product for some Sephora exclusive make-up. They have tons of cute characters! They have many groups of friends and they are all so cute! Here are but a few;

Left to right: Polpettina, Mozzarella, Adios, White Tiger
These are only a few of tons of characters from the line. You can check out more (but still not all!!) here.

Okay, there are so many kawaii lines and companies and everything that it would be impossible to talk about them all here but I hope you like these! Let me know what your favourite kawaii character or company is! Anything at all adorable and makes you go aw! ♥


Irene said...

Oh my - I love everything Kawaii too Rachel! Very very cute pics, thanks for sharing!!!

rae630 said...

aww! ur too sweet!! omigosh, i love this post. i absolutely love mozzarella!!!

Rachel said...

@Irene I know, so cute! =) No prob!

@rae630 I love Mozzarella too!! I also love Polpettina! They all so kawaii ♥

Miss K. You said...

I go crazy over kawaii things too! The bear is so cute, but I know I would definitely go crazy if that room was full of Hello Kitty :P

Dana Yoshimizu said...


Yup, that is exactly what I keep telling myself "everything happens for a reason" :)
Thank you for your encouraging comment <3

kawaii crafter said...

I love everything you posted. The Rilakkuma hotel themed rooms look adorable.

My favorite thing is Re-Ment toys. I just can't get enough of them.

xbbkay said...

omg rachel. i never knew such a hotel existed! i'm not surprise to know that it's in japan either. LOL it's so adorable! i'd want to sleep in one of those rooms! i love kawaii stuff tooo <3 pink and girly haha

Rachel said...

@miss k. you Oh that would be really cute! Love HK =)

@Dana Yoshimizu Hope your feeling better! <3

@kawaii crafter Just looked up the re-ment toys, they look v cute =) Had never heard of them before!

@xbbkay I know!! If it weren't for the insane prices I'd be living there!! XP he he can never get enough kawaii ^.^

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