Absence makes the heart grow fonder

I've been neglecting my blog so much lately!! Feel so bad >.< If it makes it any better it's because I've actually been studying *a bit* XP I can never study for exams, it's so boring and stifling. I always leave it until the last minute! My exams start tomorrow and will be going on right up to the very end of May -__- So the tumbleweeds will be blowing across my blog for awhile longer I'm afraid.

So this is just a sort post to explain my disappearance and let you all know I'm still alive! I meant to post about a new piece I made recently but I ended up going to visit my boyfriend in his new place instead! I'll try and get it up as soon as my exams end. Any free time I've had lately has been spent catching up with shows or sleeping so it just hasn't been possible lately XP Such a boring life! Anywho I hope you all have a more enjoyable May than I will!

Wish me luck! See you on the other side 


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog, the bracelets are cute aren't they! Good luck with your exams! x

xbbkay said...

HAHAH. i LOVE those "MATH" Equations. Have you read the one about GIRLs= EVIL?? LOL

i hope exams will go well. I know how you feel! i have jut been through it all. LOL

take care, and try to study. :) even if it means a "fail"

Rachel said...

@Sophie Thank you! I'll need it XP

@xbbkay I have!! I love them too, so funny! =)

Thank you! Hopefully they fly by, had my first one today and went well but it was an easy enough one, DREADING the next on Tues =P

Thank you for your encouragement =) Hope you have a great weekend!! <3

Pop Champagne said...

HAHAHA that's a good one! omg never thought of it like that! I'm going to save this one :D

Rachel said...

@Pop Champagne I'm glad you like it! =) I thought it was quite good too. I heard it years ago but had totally forgotten about it =P

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