That voice..

Phew, I've got a few days break until my next and last few exams so I'm gona make a post or two while I can! =) So far they have been going grand, yesterday and today's exams were the most stressful =__= But hopefully the worst is over now! And I'm going to rest and get to see my boyfriend for the weekend *yay*

Well I woke up this morning to check twitter and find Hayley Williams of Paramore linking to this video and I was impressed! Everyone seems to be talking about this kid today and I'm not surprised! He has a great voice and Lady Gaga songs aren't the easiest to cover. Also I know from experience that playing piano and singing at the same time can be quite difficult T.T Check him out for yourself here:

Amazing huh?! Anyway, I promise to have a new jewellery piece up tomorrow!! Hope everyone is having a great month! I have a lot of blog reading to catch up on XP

Edit: He appeared today on the Ellen show and performed again. He even got a surprise phone call, wonder who that could be? =P Here's the link: I can't believe he's only TWELVE!

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