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I remembered this after my post last night. This song is so incredibly beautiful! I've been listening to it constantly the past few days. Some of you may also have already heard it in my mixpod here on my blog. Now I'll admitt I'm a lil biased because Chuck is my FAV show and I think Zachary Levi is just a lil..well alot dreamy =P But it is an amazingly peaceful song and Katharine has a very pure voice and she makes it seem effortlessly beautiful. Plus, it's got Zac singing in it, what more do you need?! he he Check it out;

For those who don't know about Chuck, I beg you to watch it! It's cute, funny, the good kind of silly, full of action and has hot guys and girls in it (I'll just be clear that I'm straight, but know when a girl's got it! =P ). I don't wana give away any bit of the plot so I'll leave ye find out for yerselves. To anyone who already watches it or will watch it now your amazingly awesome!! =D


xbbkay said...

i haven't watched this movie yet, but now that you're recommmending it, i might have to. LOL. i like that song very much. it sounds very soothing

Stephanie said...

wow, this is a beautiful song! I didn't know he could sing, omg! haha. I love watching Chuck too. my favorite is probably Morgan!

Rachel said...

@xbbkay It's a very good show! I highly recommend =) It's a small bit on the nerdy side but still amazing! Ya I love listening to this song, it's o relaxing <3

@Stephanie I didn't either! Apparently he's done some cameos in other shows and movies singing but I had never heard him before! Oh Morgan is brilliant! He's prob my second fav! I'm a Chuck girl all the way =P

xbbkay said...

i will see if i can watch it. i have to look up the trailor first! have you watched "the back up plan?"it's pretty funny! i love it

Rachel said...

@xbbkay Oh Chuck is actually a tv show, not a movie! But it's still great and I hope you watch it =)

I haven't seen that yet! It's on my to watch list though! =P I've hear mixed reviews about The Back Up Plan so I'm not sure what to expect from it =S

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