New piece

As promised! Here is the new piece. I made this a few weeks back but with the stress of exams and limited time between study, rest and rare moments I get with my bf I just had no time to post it =( Until now! =) I haven't named this piece yet. This one means alot to me personally as the gorgeous star charm was a present from my boyfriend. I love stars =) And I love shiny things, so obviously a shiny star with a super pretty stone in the middle is right up my alley! There's also a Swarovski crystal heart and bicone on a silver chain. Simple but I love it.

There is just a simple lobster clasp at the back. Like I said I haven't named this piece so I'd love to hear your suggestions <3

EDIT: I've decided on a name! It's now called 'First Love'. My boyfriend came up with it and many reasons why it should be called so and well I couldn't argue with him =P
So First Love it is! 


Anonymous said...

Aw this is really cute! I'm bad with naming things though haha. Got some new discount codes on my blog today if you're a fan of New Look or Oasis check them out! (

xbbkay said...

pretty, i wish there were more pictures of your creations!

nicoletta said...

I love it its really pretty. How about the love star for a name?

Rachel said...

@Sophie Thank you =) lol no worries! I usually pick really obvious names for my pieces, not v creative that way at all =S

@xbbkay Thanks hun! I meant to take some of this one on but my camera is dead so I keep having to borrow one lately to take pics of things! I didn't have the back of this finished when I went to take pics >.<

@nicoletta Thank you so much! Oh I do like that!

Keep em coming, I love hearing people's ideas for the name and I'll give credit to whoever's I choose in the end! <3

Noriki said...

hey thank you very much ^_^ for the sweet comment!! ^_^ If it was for me, i'll name the necklace "Precious Luck"!
because there's a heart so it's precious, delicate. and there's that star which is for me a "lucky star" xD

Rachel said...

@Noriki Oh I like that name too!ha ha I just know I'll have a hard time picking one in the end! People have great ideas =)

drummbellina said...

LOVE this necklace!

Rachel said...

@drummbellina Thank you so much! =)

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