Vivi May '10 issue part 1 *pic heavy*

Here are some pages from the Japanese magazine Vivi. I will be making this a two part post as there's lots of cute items to share! I hope you enjoy =)

I'm sure that with some of the upcoming Sex and the City 2 movie being set in Abu Dhabi will cause the already present boho chic trend to overload! I think it will create a move towards the bold colours though.These pieces of jewellery look very pretty though, I love all the vibrant colours.

I must say I'm a fan of the boho chic look myself. I always love clothes that are pretty AND comfortable!
I ADORE the dress on the top left here! The nude colour is very nice and the layers and flow of the material is gorgeous!
I think the outfit towards the top left here is super cute! <3 the open waistcoat and fedora giving the dress that extra bit of style.

More to come soon! =)


kawaii crafter said...

Thanks for sharing all the pictures from the magazine. I enjoyed looking at all of them :)

Irene said...

Good observation about the boho-chic and the SATC2 movie!!!! :) I have been seeing it in a lot of asian mags as well...

Thanks for sharing your scans! :) So many pretty looks!

Rachel said...

@kawaii crafter Your welcome =) I'm glad you liked them! =)

@Irene With something that big coming out I figured there's going to be some sort of trend to come out of it and that seems the obvious! I could be totally wrong in the end though =P I want so many outfits from this mag! ha ha it's teasing to look at it and know I'll never be able to find them XP

Michelle said...

I love this post!! Cute blog!! ^_^

Rachel said...

@Michelle Thank you! =D

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