Vivi May '10 issue part 2 *pic heavy*

Hey everyone ~
Here's the rest of the mag =)
I want so many clothes from this mag! If only I could get them somehow XP

Before you throw yourself into scanning the pretty pics please check out my latest piece! I finally came up with a name for it! 

Also, I have more exams next week so I might be M.I.A. for a lil bit! Thanks for understanding =)


I just don't get the whole clog phase.. never will.. >.<

I love the model on left's headband, super pretty!


*~kAy~* said...

You're awesome!
Thanks for sharing these! :)

Miss K. You said...

Hey Rachel, best of luck to you on your exams! I completely agree with you that people wrongly assume that ignoring issues actually exacerbates problems. Props to you for being a committed vegetarian! Btw, the clothing styles you posted are so chic & pretty :)

Jenni & Ying said...

soo pretty and summery! sigh, wishing it wasn't winter here :(

Rachel said...

@*~kay~* So are you! ^.^ Your welcome =)

@Miss K. You Thank you! The exams are finally over =) And to you! I could never imagine not being vegetarian and I'm grateful for it! =)

@Jenni & Ying Aw, it might be summer here but we have winter-ish weather all year round so I know your pain! XP

CC said...

Adorable photos! :)

Rachel said...

@CC Thanks for checking them out =)

amynaree said...

japanese mags always have the cutest fashion! makes me want everything as well

xbbkay said...

Hi Rachel! how have you been? Is exams going well?? I haven't been on here for a while now!

I realy love the clothing those girls are wearing. i'm sure you can find something similar to that where you're from. it might just not be the exact same. You can also try ordering online from like gmarket, and what not.

those girls always look so cute and pretty.!

Rachel said...

@amynaree I know! Everything is so cute =)

@xbbkay Hi hun! I'm good! Hope you are too =) Yes my exams are finally finished and I was pleased with them! =D

I'm sure I could but you know that way when you always want the real deal ha ha I'm so fussy XP Oh my! I never heard of gmarket before and just went on! I know I'll be spending my whole day looking at this now! ^.^ Thank you! =)

drummbellina said...

Wow! Every page is crammed full of inspiration! I want some japanese mags badly now! Lovely stuff :)

Rachel said...

@drummbellina Oh I know! All the outfits are soo pretty!! I want them too =P I know if they were sold locally I would be buying them all the time! ^.^

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