Royal Pearl

Exams are finally over and that means I had time to make some new pieces! YAY! =)

This piece is a two-layered bracelet made with alternating sized white faux pearls. Composed on tiger's tail and finished off with a simple lobster clasp.

I love the crown charm on this piece, I bought a few of them awhile back but haven't really used them in pieces yet and I think they are really nice =) I think it gives the piece a royal feeling, hence the name. It adds a hime element to it!

Here's a pic of it on! I promised to start taking more pics of my pieces actually on =)

Hope you like it! Please let me know what you think! Hope everyone is having a great weekend <3


audrey said...

thank you for your comment :) i really like this piece :)

Rachel said...

@audrey Thank you! I'm really glad you like it! =)

*~kAy~* said...

That looks so nice! <3 I love your pictures! Really really clear :) Thanks for showing us a picture of it worn too :)

audrey said...

you're welcome :) keep up your good work!
have a great day :)

Rachel said...

@*~kAy~* Thanks hun! I try my best, it can be hard to get them clear though without a light-box but some sheets of white paper can do mircales ;)

@audrey Thanks! You too =) Have a great weekend!!

Lawrence said...

Hey Rachel,

Love how simplicity and angelic feeling of your blog! Your pearl bracelets are beautiful too ;)

In regards to the iPhone 4, I have the 3G right now. I believe the upgrades are worth it for me because from a practical POV the phone will perform faster so I can access programs faster, and be able to switch between programs (multi-tasking) as I please without losing where I was before. The camera also loads faster now, so if you need to take those time sensitive shots, this it should load up briskly too.

If you have the 3GS then you won't be losing out on too much. My friend caved in and recently got one herself, but she isn't too sad the iPhone 4 is coming :)

The other bells and whistles like HD, Facetime and LED flash are nice which will complement the polished interface of the phone nicely too. Don't get me wrong though, I'm not a hardcore fan or anything. I'm all about functionality haha.

Rachel said...

@Lawrence Thank you so much =) Ya the iPhone 4 sounds so tempting and if I had the money I'd totally jump for joy with the release but as a student with no job.. =S ha ha I'm not too disappointed though! I'm sure I'll be investing in one somewhere down the line, just not this year unfortunately!

All the new updates do sound good and some were just kind of silly to have been left out in the first place in my opinion like the forward facing camera and flash, etc. But it looks great all the same =)

Angelique said...

I love this piece!! I love love love crowns & I would soooo get this :D

Rachel said...

@Angelique Thank you hun! I really like crowns too! I thought this one was very simple and elegant =) Thank you for you sweet comment! I'm glad you like it! <3

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