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I'm back from my weekend away. Had a nice relaxing trip up to see my boyfriend in his new place =) It was a really fun weekend! Went to a craft fair and did a lil shopping and visited his workplace and got to see a lot of the area! Loved it! And for once there was decent weather for most of the weekend ^.^ Oh and I tried some yummy foods for the first time! Macaroons and savoury crepes! Delicious =D

I also picked up a few new findings and bits while I was away so I'm spending today relaxing watching shows and making some new jewellery pieces! I <3 the one I made already so I'll have to show you it soon! =)

I know I said before that I hoped to sell pieces come summertime but it's not looking like that will happen straight away! I do hope to sell a few pieces here and there later in the summer but I don't think it would be a huge amount and not for awhile yet. I'm looking into getting a paypal account atm (ya I don't have one XP I normally use my brother's to buy things) and I've never sold anything online before so I wana get my head around everything before I even consider selling things! Hope this doesn't disappoint anyone! I still aim to do a giveaway around the 100 followers mark though, whenever that may be =D

Right now I'm enjoying blogging and getting to know everyone! I've met some lovely people here and I hope to get to know them even more =D I am going to try blog more regularly though, I know mine are a lil all over the place atm and I thank everyone for sticking by me and reading my blog still. It means a lot to me and I love hearing from you! <3

Not really a point to this blog, just a lil ramble he he! So I suppose I could share a few things about me while I'm at it because I don't want my blog to be impersonal. I really love getting to know people so it's only fair ye know about me too =)

1) I <3 teddies! I have WAY too many though =P

2) I use exclamation marks and smiley's far too much!!!!!!! but they make everything happy so I always use them! =D

3) My name is Maeve Rachel =) I chose to use Rae for my blog just because I felt the name suited my jewellery more. It's kind of a personal thing but I'm indifferent as to which people call me! My friends at home call me Maeve as it is my first name. I will prob stick with using Rachel here just to prevent confusion =P

4) I'm a bit of a nerd. Well..maybe more than a bit. My bf is a comp sci student so he's defo an influence there! I'm one of those rare girl gamers =) I have a PS2, N64 and have been considering getting an xbox for ages (my bf has one and I use his ALL the time) and yesterdays announcement at e3 that a new xbox will be released has got me sold! I'll be getting one as soon as they hit stores here in Ireland =D My fav game atm is COD: Modern Warfare 2 but Left 4 Dead is defo one of my all time favourites!

5) Erm.. I'm not sure what else to say =P If anyone has any q's I'm more than happy to answer them! I will ALWAYS reply to comment right here on my blog =) And I love getting to know new people so if anyone ever wants to drop me an email I'd love to hear from them! ( email: preciousxing@gmail.com ) <3

Hope everyone is having a great week! =)


Lane :) said...

i use exclamation points and smiley faces too much too!! :D

Klaudea said...

Cute blog! & I love your name! How do you pronounce Maeve?

My real name is Claudia but I used to hate it when I was a kid because people used to pronounce it *Cloudy-a*


xbbkay said...

hi rachel! its been a while that i've been on your blog. I think almost everyone has been MIA or lazy to blog. I'm slowly comimg back.

Glad to hear that you had a wonderful time visiting your boyfriend. It must've been great to be with him for a few days, i bet you missed him a lot!

I like to laugh a lot when i type. hehe. I don't know. maybe i'm wierd. I smile typing sometimes too. LOL!

& i'm surprised you love games. I only know about Modern Warfare, because i had to buy it for my brother for Christmas. LOL i heard it's pretty popular.

Rachel said...

@Lane I'm glad I'm not alone! They make everything happier!! =D

@Klaudea Aw thank you! It's pronounced the same way you say Dave except with an M at the start! =D Ya it can get annoying at times but most people know it here in Ireland cuz it's an Irish name! Except no one can spell it!! lol! =)

@xbbkay Hi Anh! So good to hear from you! Ya I think the summer and the nice weather has everybody steering clear of comps lately! =P

It was great! I do miss him during the week but it's good to be able to look forward to seeing him too =D

I smile when I type and read things too!! I feel insane doing it but it's good to laugh and feel happy so why not =D In fact I'm smiling now! *creepy much?* =P

Ya people get surprised at that! Especially cuz I'm into jewellery and make-up and stuff too! MW2 is an amazing game if your into those sorta things! It's really fun to just have a group of people round and kick each others asses =P

Serena said...

Hello Ms. Rachel...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and following me. =] You've got a lovely blog here yourself. I'm liking the pieces of jewelry that you've been making. Gorgeous double strand pearl bracelet. I love pearls.

I use a whole bunch of exclamation points and question marks as well. "?!?!" and it's supposed to sound like "!!!". I think "?!?!" looks more fun. {*LOL} I use smiley faces as well too. You're not alone.

Don't worry about having your blog all over the place. It's what gives your blog character. It makes it more you. I know my blog is all over the place. Depends on what my mood is.

Props to being a gamer! I used to play PC games such as Counter Strike but overtime I gave it up. I get too excited with games to the point where I start shaking. {*HAHA} Not good! So I try to avoid things that get me too excited.

Maeve Rachel is a very unique name and sounds pretty as well. I hope I'm pronouncing it correctly in my head. {*hehe}

Anyways... Just wanted to drop by and say hello. I really like your magazine scans as well.
I'm random just like you.. {*haha} my comment is everywhere! Sorry if it's confusing but I respond to them in the order I remember then. Hope you had a great week and that you enjoy your weekend!

<3s Serena.

Rachel said...

@Serena Thank you for following me too <3 Thank you! Ya I've had a recent tendency to use pearls in almost everything =P They are so pretty!

It really does make it sounds more fun and happy =) Whoop!! =D

He he I hope your right! Your defo right about depending on the mood too! Sometimes I just ramble on and on and other times I don't know what to write! he he

ha ha oooh I know what you mean!! You just get so into it! Counterstrike is a great game! =)

he he I'm sure your pronouncing it right! =) Thank you! Your so sweet =) Hope your having a great weekend <3

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