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Meant to post this last night but got so tired I couldn't manage to stay awake any longer =P

Recently I've been reading ALOT of people's blogs and going through people's older posts aswell! I was watching some of Jen's (frmheadtotoe) videos and her bridal make-up one inspired me to do bridal piece. If you don't know about Jen's blog then you absolutely must go check it out! To match the theme that Jen was discussing I aimed to make a modern, elegant and simple yet timeless piece!

Watch her video here

Everyone knows the typical saying for a wedding attire ~ Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue! I aimed to get as much of this as possible incorporated into the piece but I couldn't do the borrowed so I changed it to old, new, shiny, blue =P

As you might have guessed I've had a recent love for pearls and they go well with anything and are most certainly timeless so I had to include them ~ something old; check. Something shiny was easy as the Swarovski crystals can't be beaten for their sparkling and light reflecting qualities =) (this pic is a lil blurry at the front but you can see how shiny they are in the other pics!)

The ribbon adds a nice touch to this piece as it make it unique and also makes the bracelet more versatile. The piece is quite classy and I think that the blue ribbon makes it slightly more relaxed feeling without taking away from the elegance of the piece. Also, it's our something blue! The bracelet itself counted for the something new on my list so our whole checklist is complete!

The piece is assembled on tiger's tail. The white pearls are accompanied by a lovely mini toggle clasp attached with a small amount of chain. I find that the beauty of the organza ribbon is that it allows you to adjust the bracelet to suit your own style as there are so many ways to tie it or decorate the bracelet with the blue ribbon! Here are just a few of the ways I tested out aside from a simple, delicate knot =)

This is my favourite way I think, I just wrapped the blue ribbon around the pearls.

This idea was done kinda hastily so the picture doesn't do much justice, sorry! What I did here was wrapped the ribbon around the toggle clasp so it was hidden. If I had pulled it tighter it would have looked much nicer as it would be a row of pearls and crystals leading to a slim ribbon twist at the back.

Here's a lil look at the front of the piece on. If you look closely you can see how shiny the Swarovski crystals are here ^.^

(Remember you can always click the pics to enlarge!)

I just want to add in a HUGE thanks to everyone who follows me here on blogger or on twitter (or both!!) Every person I've met has been so sweet and amazingly encouraging! I could never have hoped for a better response and welcome and I am truly grateful to each and everyone one of you! <3

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend and has a great week ahead of them! ^.^


Klaudea said...

This is so beautiful! Too bad I'm not getting married any time soon! *ahem!* bf needs some hints! HaHA

Rachel said...

@Klaudea Thank you =) Aww I know what you mean! My bf is terrible at picking up hints XP Silly boys ha ha

* Jewelry Designer: Harjot * said...

Very cute and simple love it!! You know I go to other jewelry places on blogger...and I leave these ladies comments and they do not even approve them....very sad I must say...but your different :) and I love ur creations :)

Ashley said...

You're worth the following! Really love the blog!

Visit my blog to win a beauty loot:

Cawaii Lover

Rachel said...

@* Jewelry Designer: Harjot * I know what you mean! I wont ever be like that though! Thank you =) I love yours too! =D

@Ashley Thank you!!

Jolie said...

I love your wedding inspired bracelet! It is a small world. Jen is one of my good friends, she really knows how to put on a good makeup video! xoxo

Rachel said...

@Jolie Thank you =) Ah that's so great! It really is a small world ^.^ Your right she does, she's very talented! Thank you for your sweet comment! =)

Lisamarie and Christelle said...

So pretty! I wish I was creative like you!

Best, Lisamarie

Rachel said...

@Lisamarie and Christelle Thank you so much =) I'm sure you'd be even better than me if you tried making them! ^.^

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