Peace, Love and Harmony


I took a lil r&r time for myself the last few days. I always try to remain positive and upbeat, particularly on my blog, but sometimes it can get a lil hard. I seem to be in need of reminding myself lately that it's okay to take a step back and feel a lil blue because it's those moments that show us everything we have to appreciate in life.

As usual, I went to visit my boyfriend last weekend! It was a blast. He'll be coming down this weekend. It will only be short visit but I'm grateful for that at least. It gets lonely and boring during the week when he's not around! =P I did of course pick up some new beads and findings during my visit so I made a few new pieces which I will hopefully get posted up soon! =)

Oh and anyone who follows me on twitter knows I got my exam results lately... and I PASSED!! YAY! =) Happy with my results and going into final year next year! *scary stuff* ha ha =D

Okay so onto what ye are really interested in! I made this bracelet last Tues, got my hands on a camera yesterday so I decided to share this with ye today! I called this piece Harmony just because I felt the pastel colours gave it a very calming ambience.

Surprisingly all the beads in this except the beautiful leaf are pieces I've had for almost or over a year now. It took getting the leaf to inspire this bracelet and I like the outcome. Recently a good few of the pieces I've made have leaves in them. I love the summer/autumn feel of the leaves and the nature motif is definitely in atm with the boho chic trends!

Close up of the Bali leaf. I love adding charms to pieces because it really gives it it's own personality. This is assembled on tiger's tail and contains a mixture of seed beads, metal beads, statement and simple glass beads and swarovski crystals. And lastly two pics of the piece on =)

What do you think of this Harmony bracelet? =)

Also I was wondering what everyone would like to see more of on my blog? Please let me know! Hope everyone is having an amazing week 


Shop N' Chomp said...

Hi Rachel! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. You make such cute jewelry! :D

Anonymous said...

Awesome! I love it <3

Rachel said...

@Shop N' Chomp Anytime! Thank you =)

@Anonymous Thank you so much! ;) <3

*~kAy~* said...

I love the colors on this piece :) I'm a sucker for charms haha :p

Are you going to show us your bead collection? :p

Rachel said...

@*~kAy~* Thank you =) Oh me too! ^.^ They make everything so much cuter! =) Oh I will absolutely show you my collection! I'll have to make a post showing you them all soon!! =D


lovely bracelet!

Zoe said...

Hi..Congrats on passing ur exams^^
Ur creations are really lovely♥love the bracelet..
Thanks for dropping by my blog..yay..

Rachel said...

@STEPHENIE WONG Thank you so much! =)

@Zoe Thanks! I'm delighted =) Aw thank you, your so sweet! Your blog is great! You'll see me there again no doubt! =D

Ashley said...

I think this bracelet is just lovely! I love the color pink and the leaf is a great accent!

Lane :) said...

congrats on passing! that's huge! :D

Rachel said...

@Ashley I'm so happy you like it! =) I do love that leaf charm! =)

@Lane :) Thank you! =)

LA said...

I like it!


Rachel said...

@LA Thank you =)

Kendr▲ said...

Love this post,
you have an amazing blog!
Will be coming back heaps more,
keep up the awesome work :)

Would love it if you checked out mine
in your free time and maybe even

M. and O. said...

Nice blog,

xox from France.
Olivia & Mariam

Viv said...

gorgeous bracelet!

Rachel said...

@Kendr▲ Thank you so much!! You are so sweet =) I'll defo check out your blog, heading straight there after this comment! =D

@M. and O. Thank you! =)

@Viv Thank you so much, I'm so happy you like it! =)

miss_vogue said...

glad you've taken some time for yourself :)

RepublicOfChic said...

Ooh my.. So talented. Checked out your Indian bracelet too :) Great posts to keep me inspired through the weekend. Big shout out from India! :)

PS. If you haven't already snagged the Street Style Awesomeness of Scott Schuman then enter our SARTORIALIST BOOK GIVEAWAY right away! :)

joey said...

congratulations on passing your exams rachel!
i am still waiting on my results...>.<

your bracelets are so cute!


ps thanks for stopping by my blog, your comment really cheered me up =)

Rachel said...

@miss_vogue Thanks! Me too =P

@RepublicOfChic Aw thank you! =) I'll check it out!

@joey Thank you! I'm so happy =D I'm sure you did great!! Best of luck with them =)

Thank you! =)

*Anita* said...

congrats on your exams!
your bracelet looks lovely <33

Serena said...

This is a gorgeous piece. I really like the leaf as well.

I hope everything works out. I'm sure it will. If you don't take time to step back you might not appreciate things as much like you said.

<3s Serena.

Rachel said...

@*Anita* Thank you so much! =D

@Serena Thank you =) You are always so sweet!! <3

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