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A fashion post on PreciousXing? No way! =P

It's true I'm not much of a fashionista, I like my wardrobe but I admitt I don't put half as much effort into dressing up as I should. I like my simple white tees and jeans and colouring them up with jewelery and scarves. But that doesn't mean I don't have an interest in these things!

Nicole Richie is one of my favourite style icons! I think she has amazing style and well, creating her own fashion (Winter Kate) and jewellery (House of Harlow 1960) line among other things is reason enough to inspire me =)

Here are just a few pieces from her jewellery line, House of Harlow, in case you haven't seen them before:

I would love to be as confident in my own skin and comfortable with everything I wear as she is. It's admirable when a girl can take dead plain clothing and make them into a completely unique and gorgeous outfit. Here are just a few shots that I love of her (particularly her outifts!)

Anyway, my main point for this post is that I'm excited to hear that Benji and Joel (Nicole's fiance) are soon introducing their own fashion line for women! As a fan of GC for many years and understanding how down to earth and hard working these guys are I'm excited to see what they come  up with. I have no doubt that even though Nicole is not part of the designing and production of this line, she will have influence on some part. Even just having Joel around her would have some effect on his perception of womens fashion. I'm hoping that this line will produce some more wallet-friendly pieces that are somewhat similar in style to Winter Kate. Here is what had to say;

"When it comes to fashion, Good Charlotte’s Joel and Benji Madden seem to have mastered the laidback rocker vibe, and with the launch of their new Mad Picks capsule collection, the musicians are suggesting that the ladies follow suit. Teaming with Macy’s private brand American Rag, the guys have handpicked items from the collection for a limited-edition collaboration–just in time for back-to-school shopping! The line features on-trend boho vests, torn denim, and embellished tops. “I don’t care how a girl dresses, nothing is sexier than a girl who is confident, feels good about herself, and does things her own way,” says Joel, who is engaged to style maven Nicole Richie. “I love it when a girl can take simple basic pieces and wear them with her own style.” When it comes to their own unique look, it’s all about clothes that can be dressed up or down. “We like a T-shirt you can throw a jacket over for dinner,” adds Joel. “It’s important for us to have clothes which we can both walk on stage or relax at home.” Starting September 11, the brothers will have a chance to flex their style muscle on stage, when they perform in a series of free concerts at select Macy’s stores, showcasing tunes from their new album Cardiology, due November 2. Mad Picks will launch at select Macy’s stores and on August 25!"

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For those lucky enough to live nearby I went searching for the dates!
The Madden twins will perform free acoustic concerts at the following locations:

* Saturday, 9/11: Cherry Hill, NJ – Macy’s Cherry Hill

* Saturday, 9/25: Rosedale, MN – Macy’s Rosedale Center

* Saturday, 10/9: Miami, FL – Macy’s International Mall West Dade

* Saturday, 10/16: Roseville, CA – Macy’s Galleria at Roseville

* Saturday, 10/23: Skokie, IL – Macy’s Old Orchard
Now I haven't seen GC live since '05 but I know that they are amazing live and I would LOVE to go to an intimate acoustic set so I highly recommend heading along for the music alone. They will be premiering some of the new tunes from Cardiology which so far sounds amazing! Check out the 2 previews we've received from the boys so far =)

Also, just a small note to say I've added a Bloglovin feature in the right-hand sidebar, not sure how successful this will be but time will tell =)

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*~kAy~* said...

hee! I wish I was more fashionable than I am now haha :p
Nice outfit picks though! :)
Thanks for the info coz I knew nothing of this O_o

Zarna said...

i LOVE house of harlow - i have that first ring in black and a few of her band rings! she's definitely a great jewelry designer!


Dee O. said...

all that jewelry is GORGEOUS :) great post & great blog!!

You should check out my friends makeup blog that she just started!

milk tea girl said...

aw i love nicole's style too~~she just rocks it!!

Sara Louise said...

love House of Harlow
Thankyou so much for this post

Arushi Khosla (FabBlab) said...

She does have the most incredible jewelry!

Anonymous said...

ive never been a fan of nicole richie but she's definitely come a long way! great picks of jewelry and inspiration!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

I love Nicole's jewelry line becasue I can see her personality shines through them! xoxoxoxoo

Makeup Morsels said...

the jewelry isn't really my style (I prefer bows and things like that), but I think she makes some beautiful pieces. I'm curious to see the new line as well!

Rachel said...

@*~kAy~* I wish I were too! Some people just have a knack for it it seems =P Your welcome, I hope you can make it to one of them! (I would be insanely jealous though XP )

@Zarna Oh I love it too! I wish I had some pieces but gold doesn't suit me and for personal moral reasons I refuse to wear leather so that rules out ALOT of her line for me XP

@Dee.O It really is stunning! Thank you =)

@milk tea girl She has amazing style =) Wish I had her wardrobe ^.^

@Sara Louise Your welcome! I love it too!

@Arushi Khosla She really does =)

@Nic Nic She certainly has an outrageous past but I think the person she has become is amazing, she's a designer, writer, actor and entreprenuer!

@Fashion Cappuccino It really is great when you can see a part of the person and their personality in their pieces, it makes them very unique and special =)

@Makeup Morsels I can see it's not for everyone, gold isn't my colour and I won't wear leather so I wouldn't wear alot of her pieces but I still like admiring the designs and style of her pieces! I can appreciate her pieces while knowing they wouldn't suit me. I'm definitely curious about the new line =)

Audrey Marianne said...

Thank you so much for your comment !
I love this article, because I also love Nicole Richie ! I find her style really cool, & her jewellery line is so beautiful.

Rachel said...

@Audrey Marianne Your welcome =) I love it all aswell ^^ Everything echos her style and the fact that she constantly wears everything herself shows that she really put herself into these designs and not just her name on a tag for money =)

Danielle Barbe said...

i had no clue they were coming out with their own fashion line - judging from the clothes on the model, it looks pretty cool and definitely nicole richie influenced! i'm not crazy about the house of harlow jewelry, but i like that it's reasonably priced, unlike her clothing!

Sarah @ Pandora's Box said...

I love Nicole, she has such amazing style!

faye lu said...

completely agree. nicole is one of my all time fav fashion icons. so tiny, chic and effortless. although i must admit, i like her style back in the days when paris was her BFF =)

Rachel said...

@Danielle Barbe Ya I didn't either! =) I was thinking the same, they defo look inspired to some degree =) Oh her clothing line prices are insane =S But I love window shopping none the less =)

@Sarah @ Pandora's Box I completely agree! =)

Rachel said...

@faye lu Exactly! I love that she's petite too! ^^ I wasn't into her style so much then but she certainly has always had the knack for it alright =) Thank you for following me ^.^

Lulu said...

Hi Rachel, actually yea haha, i saw the ball getting hit over the ball park and dropped into the bay on saturday. haha must have a lot of baseballs sitting on the bottom of the bay :p the park has such a beautiful view though!

I hope you can find kitkats! have you checked out websites that might ship to Ireland?

Rachel said...

@Lulu There must be a whole blanket of them there! It does look like an amazing place to be sitting! So pretty =)

The only one I know of is the but the shipping prices weren't too friendly for small orders. Hopefully I'll find somewhere though! =D

Melissa~ said...

I love her designs. She's very talented.

Audrey Marianne said...

Thank you again for your comment Racheeeel !

Rachel said...

@Melissa~ Me too =) There's no doubt about it!

@Audrey Marianne Your welcome =)

style'n said...

beautiful those rings!

Rachel said...

@style'n I love them too! I'd love to see some silver ones =)

Shop N' Chomp said...

Omg, I freaking love her! =D

Rachel said...

@Shop N' Chomp Me too ^.^

Isabel said...

hehe everyone loves house of harlow!

Rachel said...

@Isabel They really do! =) It's such a hit!

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