Freedom Necklace

I've been meaning to show you this piece for like a month now!! I absolutely love this necklace, I've been wearing it alot! The blue really stands out and brings life to this piece. I thought that the leaf and feather were very pretty and natural and created a nice flow within the piece.

This picture was taken awhile back, hence the white background. I will be sticking with the darker background for future photos! Thank you to everyone for your opinions btw! They were very helpful =)

This is one of my fav pieces, it's very me! Made with swarovski crystal bicones, blue glass bead and silver plated charms =) The blue bead is very unique as it has a slight dip in the centre. The top right and bottom left corners rise slightly higher than the rest giving the bead a sort of gentle wave effect shape, it's super pretty! You can make out what I mean in the pic above, there is a dark line in the centre (a reflection of something) which is distorted but it's actually reflecting the edge of a straight picture frame!

I called this piece 'Freedom' because the leaf, feather and ocean blue bead all remind me of nature and nature is always associated with beauty and liberty.

Also, below my cbox on the right (--->) I have added an easy link for you to view my jewellery!! Hope it comes in handy ;)


Beckerman Girls said...

This is such gorgeous necklace!! You are super talented!! Love the feathers on it sooo wicked!!!!
Big kisses
xo The Beckerman Girls

Adeline said...

You're so talented babe!!! You should probably start opening your own jewelery store! xx

annierama said...

The necklace is really amazing!
Check out my giveaway!

Rachel said...

@Beckerman Girls Thanks girls! That's so nice of you =) I do love those charms! I initially mistook the feather as a leaf and was so happy to see it was a pretty long feather =)

@Adeline Aww thank you, your incredibly sweet!! =) I dream that someday I could, it would be amazing! I'm hoping to have a very small online shop sometime before the end of this year, let's just pray nothing obstructs that =D x

@annierama Aw thank you! I will =)

Zarna said...

wow, that is a really lovely necklace!!


Josh Archer said...

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Natalie said...

super cute! :)

Makeup Morsels said...

I lovee the combination of the leaf and feather charms, and you're right, this really does remind me of freedom.

Rachel said...

@Zarna Thank you so much =) So glad you like it!

@Natalie Makes me so happy to hear that you like it! =)

@Makeup Morsels Woot! Glad I got the name right =) I'm usually not very good at naming the pieces he he Thank you =)

Audrey Marianne said...

Hi Rachel, thank you so much for your sweet comment *O*. & Thanks for being a follower too !
Of course I will check your blog n__n.

I really love this necklace :'O.

Rachel said...

@Audrey Marianne Aw, no problem! Thank you for checking out my blog too! Your so sweet =) It's great to hear that you love it! It makes me really happy to hear that people admire my pieces ^.^

Beauty Addict said...

Thanks for stopping by! I'm a new follower too! :)

Just in case you want to participate, I'm doing a giveaway on my blog... Hope to see you back soon!


Confessions of a Beautyholic

Fashion Cappuccino said...

It's very beautiful!! I love all your jewelry pieces!! xoxoxoxoxoo

dblchin (double chin) said...

This is one pretty necklace, it truly spells freedom

Dianonkey Kong said...

wow gorgeous bracelet! Thanks for following + following your beautiful blog :D


Rachel said...

@Beauty Addict Thanks for following me =) I'll be sure to check it out! =)

@Fashion Cappuccino Aw thank you so much! I'm so humbled by your sweet comment =)

@dblchin (double chin) Thank you! I'm so glad I named this one right! I usually fail at naming things XP Love that you like it! ^.^

@Dianonkey Kong Thank you =) Your so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Hi there :)

thanks for your comment and following me!

this is such a pretty piece.. you are really talented! wished i could do that too!

I've never been to Ireland but I can imagine it be a very beautiful place! Im going to follow you back :D

Rachel said...

@Nic Nic Your welcome! =) Thank you so much for following me too =)

Aw thank you, so happy you like it! ^.^

Ireland is a lovely place, I actually woke up this morning thinking how lucky I was to live in a place that's abundant with greenery and isn't directly effected by natural disasters or the like =) It's an awesome place to live ^.^

I would love to visit Tokyo some day! Japan is on the top of my to-visit list, I think the place sounds amazing =) Your so lucky ^^

t said...

Cute necklace!

Rachel said...

@t Thanks =)

3ate4 said...

Lovely necklace!

Rachel said...

@3ate4 Thank you =)

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