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I had some free time the other day and I decided to mess around with the camera and taking pics of some of my pieces on different backgrounds etc! I was hoping to find a solution to my current photo setup. As much as I love how the pieces are turning out on the white background it's very tedious to set up all the pages, etc. to reflect light as I don't have a light box and about 95% of the photos I take turn out more grey than white!

I have a really nice dark wooden hall table inside my bedroom door and I love how the pics turned out on this! I think it really shows you what they look like without any extra light being reflected or anything these are 100% natural photos and are taken in one of the slightly darker areas in my room. The only thing I do to my photos is add a watermark. Anyway, enough with the rambling! Here are two pics (the most similar I have) of my Royal Pearl Bracelet showing both the original photo style and the darker background!

Light version:

Dark version:

You can see that for some reason the white background makes pieces look much more grey in colour than it really is.

My point for this post is to inquire which style of photo you prefer! Personally, I am leaning towards darker as it shows a much more true-to-life colour and there is no set up whatsoever involved for me (laziness~XP). Which do ye prefer? Do you think I should stick with the lighter background or use the dark wooden background?

Hope everyone is having a great week! 


Annie said...

I love the bracelet! And I agree with you...the dark background is much better.

xbbkay said...

i think i like the dark background more. it brings out the pieces of jewelery very nicely.

I find it hard taking photos as well. Sometimes it's so hard to capture something

thanks for dropping by, i haven't been lurking around blogspot for some time!

*~kAy~* said...

I like both! :)
but if the darker background shows the color better than I agree with the others :3
Plus! Its less work for you too!!! :) so I think its a win-win! :P

Rachel said...

@Annie Thank you =)

@xbbkay Ya I think I agree with you I will probably stick with the dark background! =)

It really can be, it's very hard to capture it as accurately as possible which is why I went exploring with my camera ^.^

No prob! I'm always popping by every now and then, making sure I haven't missed a new post =D

@*~kay~* I think I will go with the dark so! ha ha it really is a win win! Perfect on all sides he he =)

Cara Gray said...

Love this peice of jewellery, love pearls and love the crown. x funny how good it looks on the wood background

Rachel said...

@Cara Gray I'm so glad you love it! Ya I'm liking the darker background alot =) It's growing on me! =)

Annabel said...

darker, definitely!

Rachel said...

@Annabel Ya I'm going to stick with the dark =) Thank you so much for letting me know which you prefer! =D

Tasja said...

Lovely bracelet :D
I love pearls & crowns combination.. makes me feel like a princess haha xD

&thank you for following my blog :) I like to know who follows me, because often it means that we have the same interest and that I'll like the other ones blog too ^^

Rachel said...

@Tasja Thank you! =) Ya I love that combination too! It always reminds me of royalty! ^.^

Your welcome! Thank you for following me too =) I love getting to know people so feel free to pop by anytime! =)

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