DIY Love!

This is my first post of a series of DIY projects that I hope you all love just as much as I do! =)
In case you haven't heard, I've decided that every so often I'm going to feature a craft project from different places (with lots of pretty pictures of course!)

Today's post feature this adorable little handmade origami paper heart and envelope. Perfect for Valentine's Day! I made this a few months ago for my boyfriend and he thought it was really cute! Maybe it's just me but I love handmade things. They always have so much more meaning and I'm always grateful for the time and effort someone would put into a handmade gift.

This amazingly talented girl made these as invitations to her engagement party initially.

She was so kind to make a generic version for people to download from her blog and you can edit and personalise the message on the inside simply by downloading her template.

The back of the heart has this adorable intricate looking design. And it comes with a template and instructions for this adorable handmade envelope as well!

To DOWNLOAD the templates for this origami heart and pocket visit Amy's blog here
For INSTRUCTIONS on how to fold the heart visit here


xbbkay said...

omg, that's sooo adorable! i miss your blog! how have you been?

i will definitely try to fold that!

rae630 said...

Thanks for sharing! I go gaga over handmade things!

Maeve Rachel said...

@xbbkay I'm good! How are you? I know it's been ages! But I'm getting back into blogging =) I left it for too long, college got in the way but I'm trying to organise my time better now! Hope you had fun making the heart =)

@rae630 I do too! I love them and I love origami especially! It's so much fun =) I don't have your talent in making things though unfortunately! =P

Jaimee said...

Aha thanks for the idea. I shall keep this in mind along with my hundreds of other ones made up in my mind. And I'm not even engaged yet... I think I'm just a tad bit obsessed with weddings. lol.

Maeve Rachel said...

@Jaimee Oh me neither I just love looking at pretty photos of them and love the personal touches that are involved! I think this would be cute for valentine's day or even just a sweet note too though =D

Mi_Mi said...

soo pretty^^

Maeve Rachel said...

@Mi_Mi Isn't it just? I love that the original lady used them as engagement party invites! So cute and unique! =D

Aleksandra said...

Very very cute!

Maeve Rachel said...

@Aleksandra I've made a few and they are so fun and cute! =) So glad you love it!

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