Letter-stamped Necklaces

I recently fell in love with the style of these pieces! I love the pure yet raw appearence of them and how personal they can be. I've always admired letter and image stamping. It's something I've always loved to try but it's a very expensive hobby! I can promise you those plates don't come cheap so if you (like I initially felt) think these pieces are a lil over-priced, the quality of the pieces and the work put into them they are at a fairly reasonable price. That being said, of course we'd all love if they weren't quite so high but maybe we can at least appreciate how gorgeous they are! (I'll link to all the pieces below the image incase your interested in purchasing any!)

This one is my absolute favourite that I've spotted so far!

This piece is available here.

I love this piece! I love swallows and combined with the word soar just gives such a sense of freedom. It's so pretty! The same artisian has many beautiful pieces..

Available here.

Available here.

She's so incredibly talented =) I love her pieces! I love how versatile letter stamping is. It can be used on almost anything and look so pretty! Here are some more examples of this gorgeous art from various artisians

Available here.

Available here.

Available here.

Available here.

Available here.

The last are great ideas for a present for a boyfriend or a male friend or anything. I love these items and I would definitely love to try letter stamping sometime in the future! I hope you guys like these pieces too! I am in no way affiliated with the companies above, I just wanted to share these with you =)


NicRTV (陳亞任) said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog...:D
hubby's bday coming up...thanks for sharing this...I want to get him the pick...:)

Shop N' Chomp said...

Oh my gosh, every one of them is so cute! I agree with you on that first one. =D

Beauty Addict said...

Gorgeous pieces...

Confessions of a Beautyholic

Tasja said...

Those are great!
I especially love the "dad we love you" one!

Very cute ^^

Boxed Up Beauty said...

Very pretty! love the necklaces! its unique!

(come by: we are having a giveaway on our blog)


Maeve Rachel said...

@NicRTV (陳亞任) They are great ideas aren't they? So personal yet useful and pretty! =D

@Shop N' Chomp It's gorgeous isn't it? It's defo my fav! =D

@Beauty Addict Thanks for checking them out! I thought they were so pretty, just had to share =)

@Tasja Aren't they just so cute? =)

@Boxed Up Beauty I love them too, think they are stunning!

Cee Harvey said...

cute jewellery! xx


Maeve Rachel said...

@Cee Harvey Aren't they just? =) Glad you like them!

Mi_Mi said...

loving your blog...i love the jewerlly..

Maeve Rachel said...

@Mi_Mi Aw thank you so much! So happy that you love it all =)

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