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I’m so surprised and happy to have received two awards from the lovely Haze! The first being the Lovely Blog award! This reward I would love to share with every one of you! I appreciate every person who reads and comments on my blog! I love hearing your thoughts and that you enjoy my blog, it makes me so happy! And I always love exploring other people’s blogs also! =)

The second that I was awarded is the Kreativ Blogger award! Most of you know that I design and create jewellery but for my new readers (hello and welcome! =D ) here’s a little catalogue of the pieces I’ve shared here on my blog before. Click on the photos for the original post and more on each piece.







I do realise it’s been awhile since I’ve been able to post a new piece but as you may know my final term got pretty hectic! I’m happy to say that as it’s now summer and I’ve had some more free time soooo… yup, you guessed it! There will be a new piece appearing soon! ^.^

Hope everyone is having a great week! =)


Mi_Mi said...

wow congrat on your award and i lobe the jewerly collcetion soo pretty inlove with the bow one!

Makeup Morsels said...

yay for blog awards! Congrats :) You make some really nice pieces, my favorite is the Angelique bracelet.

S and O said...

Congrats on your rewards!
You totally deserve them :D
Pretty Jewelry ^_^

Maeve Rachel said...

@Mi_Mi Thank you! =) I'm so so happy to hear you love it! I'm always wearing that one actually! Although I'd say my fav is probably the freedom necklace (blue with leaf and feather) =)

@Makeup Morsels YAY! Thanks! Aw thanks hun! That's definitely one of my fav bracelets I've made! I get lots of compliments on that one, makes me so happy ^.^

@S and O Thank you!! Aw you're so sweet! <3

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